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Happy spring!- new paintings

I had this funny image in my mind the other day, I imagined that my brain looked like a snow globe that has been shaken- all the bits of knowledge that I've acquired lately swirling around wildly in my head! Even though the Creative Visionary program has just come to an end, I am still continuing to absorb the vast amounts of information that was thrown at me for the past 3 months- it was a lot! Thankfully everything is starting to settle though and I'm looking forward to seeing where my art will go next with all of this new learning on board.

I thought I would share a bit of recent work that I'm really excited about. I have fallen in love with painting in transparent layers so it's one of the things I plan to explore more deeply as a work towards a summer show. I hope you like it!

These paintings are not available on my website yet but once they are all framed up and ready to go I'll let you know. Cheers!

ps, if you would like to follow my journey more closely feel free to follow me on Instagram or Facebook as I post there regularly.

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