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If you're on Hornby Island this summer...

Hey art loving friends!

I just wanted to let you know that if you're on Hornby this summer I'll be at the farmers market most Wednesdays and Saturdays selling prints, cards, tote bags and some small originals. I also have a show at the Hornby Hall August 22nd to 25th but more on that later. And if you're not on Hornby but you would like some cards, they are now in the print section on my website, they're beautifully printed (in Canada, yay!) 5"x5" and I think they'd be pretty darn cute framed too!

Hope to see you on Hornby and if not you can find me painting away on Instagram in between newsletters- lots of process videos lately if you're interested in that kind of thing.

Bye for now!


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Gale Hanson
Gale Hanson
Jun 23, 2022

I have you in my calendar for August Michelle and I sure look forward to your show!!😍👍

Replying to

Wonderful, I look forward to seeing you and sharing what I've been up to in the studio!

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