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Ocean inspiration, Hornby Island.

I got a great bit of advice this past year (Happy new year by the way!) which was ' Notice what you love ' .

I think if we pay attention when something grabs our attention and ask ourselves what it is that we like about it then the world becomes a much richer and more fascinating place.

There are so many things that I love but at the moment I am especially drawn to the beaches where I live on Hornby Island. I love the way that the same beach can look so different from day to day depending on the tide, the weather and the light. I love the way that the sky reflects on the water but if you look through the reflection there is a layer beneath of rippled sand or smooth pebbles. I love the the colours, the textures and the shapes of the rocks. I love the ever-changing sky and the way it is reflected, and I love the movement of the water- sometimes calm and sometimes wild...all of this and more- there's a lot to love about the ocean.

I hope to share the finished works in person this coming March on Hornby Island if Covid protocols allow. In the meantime I will be adding paintings to my website as they are completed so do check in from time to time!

Here's just a wee bit of my painting process..

Talk to you soon!


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