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Painting connections!

I've been thinking a lot lately about why I paint- digging deeper beyond the obvious answer- 'because I love to paint and it brings me joy'. That is absolutely true but there is more to it for sure. I am finding that the connections that I have made with people through my practice, both in person at art shows and online are really important to me. I liken it to going for a walk with someone and pointing out interesting things or details to each other- things that the other may not have noticed. I want to create beauty based on my observations in the world- that in itself brings me so much happiness but the thing that really fuels me is hearing how my work speaks to someone else - that it makes them feel something or-reminds them of someone, or a place, or a feeling- that it makes a connection. I think connection to each other and focusing on the beauty that surrounds us is such an important thing, especially in a world that is so troubled- it reminds us of why we need to make good decisions and fight for the things that matter.

My latest work is about remembering the beauty of spring and summer, which is helping me get through the grey days we've been having here on the wet coast. There is also a focus on colour exploration - working with different colour pallets in each painting and looking for the balance between joyful/bright and sophisticated, I hope you like them!

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