Tulips from Amsterdam

Tulips from Amsterdam

The last time I visited Amsterdam I found packages of tulip bulbs that promised to be blue- or at least the picture on the package was blue. I had never heard of blue tulips and was so excited to bring them home to give them as gifts and to plant in my own garden.  Oh, how naive I was!  They are lovely pink and yellow flowers but they are most definitely not blue .(sigh)

The Freakin Adorable Florals were named for their size- I love 10 x10s! They're

 small enough to be cute (well, adorable really) but large enough that they can make an impact on a space.  The cradled wood panels are 1.5" deep so these little guys would be just as happy sitting on a shelf as they would be hanging on a wall.  I had so much fun making these little floral-inspired abstracts, I really hope they bring you a bit of joy too.   

Acrylic and mixed media on 10x10" wood panels.  Sides are painted black and the piece is wired and ready to hang. All paintings are titled and signed on the back.