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Michelle Nyberg

Whether I am walking on the beach near my island home, spending time in my garden 
or exploring someplace new, it is often the little things that captivate me more than the 
scene as a whole. I am in awe of this world’s colours, textures, shapes, movement and 
light and it’s this sense of wonder and joy that I am most interested in portraying and 
sharing with others. 
My paintings begin with a seed of inspiration, sometimes in the form of photos that I 
have taken and other times with just a memory or feeling that I’ve experienced in 
nature. Early layers are all about play and experimentation, adding paint and other 
mixed media intuitively at first but then becoming more considered in my choices as the 
painting begins to take shape. I continue in this way, back and forth between play and 
refinement until there is a balance between the two that reflects both my inner world 
and the real world around me. Working this way can feel like a roundabout journey at 
times but I love the richness that paintings possess when they have been on an 
adventure rather than taking a planned route. 

Michelle's formal training and art began at Langara College in Vancouver BC where she 
received a foundation in many different mediums including painting, ceramics,sculpture 
and Design. Following that she attended Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 
Halifax where she focused on ceramics and painting. 
Michelle has been painting full time since 2019 and has had solo shows on Hornby 
Island as well as taking part in group shows in Vancouver, Vancouver Island and on-line. 
Her paintings have brought joyful expression to walls in Canada, USA, Europe and New 
Zealand . 
Her previous creative Endeavors include being a clay artist under the name Mud Puppy 
Clayworks and designing and building Caravans inspired by Romany wagons for her 
company Hornby Island Caravans. 

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