Michelle Nyberg

Exploration of the world around me is a never ending source of inspiration.

My surroundings here on Hornby Island inspire me to look closer and take notice of the small details in the larger, beautiful picture.  I have lived here for about 20 years but am constantly discovering new things to examine and marvel at.

Traveling to far away places that are vastly different from my home is also hugely inspiring to me but in a way that is almost opposite to the quiet contemplation I find at home. Wandering aimlessly on cobblestone streets that have been there for centuries fills me with a kind of wonder and excitement that reminds me of being a kid, it’s a bit like magic.

In these new works I have aimed to capture the sense of wonder that I feel in my world.

I hope you will enjoy!

Michelle Nyberg lives on Hornby Island, BC

with her husband, 2 kids , 2 cats and a bunch of chickens.

 Her formal training in art began at Langara College where she received a wonderful foundation in many different mediums including painting, sculpture and design. Following that she went to Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax where she learned a ton but then got freaked out about her student loan and quit to start making art on her own.

Her previous creative endeavours include being a clay artist under the name Mud Puppy Clayworks and designing and building gypsy caravans for her company Hornby Island Caravans.