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Michelle Nyberg

I have spent over 20 years getting to know the land and sea around my home of Hornby Island, British Columbia. The incredible beauty of this place continually inspires me to express my impressions, observations and feelings through the playful use of acrylic paint and mixed media.
Traveling to far away places has also been hugely inspiring to me but in a way that is almost opposite to the quiet contemplation that I find at home in nature. In my travel-inspired pieces I focus on man-made structures such as buildings, streets and bridges, but ultimately it is the excitement of exploration that I am interested in conveying.




​ Michelle's formal training in art began at Langara College in Vancouver BC where she received a wonderful foundation in many different mediums including painting, sculpture ceramics and design. Following that she attended Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax.

 Her previous creative endeavours include being a clay artist under the name Mud Puppy Clayworks and designing and building caravans inspired by Romany wagons for her company Hornby Island Caravans.

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