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A little catch up!

So, it's been ages, I thought I'd say hi and fill you in on what I've been up to. At the moment I am half way through an amazing , intensive 12 week course called the Creative Visionary Program. It's been a while since I was in art school and it's possible that I just wasn't paying enough attention back then but I have been learning things about art making that I'm pretty sure were never even covered. My brain feels just about ready to burst with all of this new learning but I love it!

When the program ends I will have a couple of months to paint madly and put together a summer show here on Hornby Island, assuming that such things are safe at that time. I do like to assume that things will be better by then but really, who can tell? One way or another I'm excited to share some new work with you, stay tuned!

I hope that you and yours are safe and well.

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