New info-Can I send you some art?

Hey! thanks to everyone that got back to me about my 'Can I send you some art' email. If you missed the first email or you're new to my mailing list do send me an email @ saying 'yes, send me some art!' just to let me know that you'd like to take part.

Quick recap: If you want to take part I will send you an original painting on paper at the end of February. In return you will donate the amount that you see fit to a charity of your choice.

Here's the new information: on Feb 27th I'll be sending out an email that will have pictures of all of the works that I have available. Each piece will be numbered so that you can choose your top 3 or so, or you can just say 'surprise me'. I will do my best to send you one of your top choices but if more than one person wants the same piece I will give it to the person that has been on my mailing list the longest. Ok, talk to you on the 27th!

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